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Angela Donadio
| It's a New Day | HOMETOWN: Fredericksburg, VA


I am a World Vision artist, worship leader, speaker, and advocate for missions projects in Africa. I founded Voice of the Voiceless as a means of using resources from ministry sales to fund projects including micro-enterprise for women in deprived regions of Northern Ghana, Kids Camps, and wells. I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in January with World Serve International to raise funds for clean water in Maasai villages in Tanzania.
I have released 2 CD projects, "This Journey", containing 10 original songs describing life defining moments. It includes my personal testimony of God's faithfulness through 2 life-threatening illnesses, including a very rare disorder called SMA Syndrome.
My second CD, "It's a New Day" was released in 2010, containing several originals, unique arrangements of worship songs, and the missions-inspired track, "Voice of the Voiceless" co-written with Eric Copeland. "It's a New Day" is currently a Radio Single with A-Sides Promotions.
I have been personally affected by a stroke, as my grandfather had a stroke the year I was married. He lived a few more years after that, profoundly affected by the stroke. What stood out to me, however, is that what he could now remember the most was the hymns and gospel music he grew up hearing and singing as a child. I loved visiting him in the nursing home at the end of his life and playing the upright piano for him to sing along to the songs he loved. What struck me the most was that I had rarely heard him sing these songs BEFORE he had a stroke. In some way, this event had brought out a side of him I had never seen, and I treasure those last couple of years I had with him.


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