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Pamma Jamma Girlz
| Combat | HOMETOWN: Chicago, IL


When two or more are gathered together god will be in the midst but, a THREE fold cord is not easily broken. The Pamma Jamma Girlz are the hottest female gospel rap group sweeping the nation. Their vision is to show people that there is a god; that he still lives and that he is not traditional and religious. Gaining a relationship with Jesus is personal and it is not difficult to stay committed to a true loving god stated by "PJG".

They are on a mission that god has gifted them out of no where to be effective to the young and the old; to see them living a life of true holiness and NEVER giving up on Jesus! Young, saved, and unashamed their messages sets the stage on fire, leading souls grasping for more!

Pamma Jamma Girlz have been given the opportunities to go many places. Mississippi, Nashville Tennessee, St. Louis, Milwaukee and, Chicago land area; were just a few places to name. In 2010 they hit the stage of "The Bobby Jones Gospel", leaving the crowd with an outstanding applaud. When the show air they end up appearing in the intro and outro of "The Bobby Jones Gospel " show. Later in life, they had another opportunity to audition for the famous NBC show " America's Got Talent".With all of this excitement going on in their lives, they have also been V.I.P for certain gospel celebrities artists such as, Detrick Haddon, Canton Jones, Mali Music, Tye Tribbit, and Jessica Reedy. "God has really blessed us" Stated PJG


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